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Living your "Best Gay Life,” of course, means living your best life in general, in every area. However, there can be a tendency to gloss over the unique form of subjugation gay people have experienced and the lingering, often unseen after effects that persist long after one has “come out.“ Hence the focus on living our best gay lives.


For gay men, living our best lives also means reconciling the ever-shifting concept of what it means to be a man. Let’s work together to overcome any limiting thinking, implement a plan to fulfill your goals, and find your most powerful expression for living your best gay life.

Areas of Focus


Part of what sets gay people apart from others is the particular nature of the message that tells us we are “not enough.” It can cause our hopes and dreams to go unrealized and life to feel unfulfilled. It can cause us to feel frustrated, directionless, lost. But our past shouldn’t be allowed to rob us of our future.  Even after we’ve come out, addressing the subtle, historical conditioning that told us we were deficient can positively impact every aspect of our lives. 

Quiet Forest

Forge a new path

This deep-rooted feeling of not being equal can show up in countless ways. It can cause us to isolate from others (even if only in our minds). It can limit our ability to be intimate because we fear rejection if we’re truly known. It can hamper our sex and romantic lives and stifle our ability to recognize our worth. It can serve as a distorted filter through which we view and experience virtually everything.


As we’re in the process of overcoming your limiting thinking, we’ll clarify your life goals and take action toward achieving them, integrating a newer operating system in the direction of living your Best Gay Life.

Through this work, growth, expansion, and freedom are possible. We can know more clearly who we really are and our inherent value. We can more fully own our unique expression. We can commence being our most expansive selves in the world.


Whether you’re focused on evolving as a gay man, developing a deeper spiritual understanding, targeting career goals, or improving your relationships or overall life picture, I look forward to working with you.

Ray of Light

ABOUt Robert

Like you, I started out with big goals and dreams for my life but little idea how to realize them. Gradually, I began to do that when I hit a crisis point. These external accomplishments weren’t addressing the low self-image from childhood that lingered internally. I remember the day many years ago when, on the steps of a beautiful home I shared with a partner, I contemplated suicide. 


That moment set me on a decades-long path of self-improvement, success, and spiritual awakening. It fueled my desire to help others change their own lives. Along the way, I’ve stumbled, as we all do, and have learned and grown from each experience. I’m grateful, on the other side of them, to have manifested some of my greatest life visions.


My process of waking up has included accumulating several decades of knowledge in the areas of love, romance, money, and relationships, among others. My intensive overall spiritual journey has informed my perspective about the true nature of life and how to relate to what we deal with as humans. This journey has given me some of the foundation for the work we'll do together to help you live your best life.


I’m also a certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), TIME Techniques™, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and Life and Success Coaching — all of which have impacted the way I relate to my coaching work and to the role of the subconscious mind on our life experience.


Helping others wake up to the true nature of life and then clarify their goals and dreams and turn them into reality is one of my great passions. It’s from this place of awakened doing that an amazing life emerges. Let’s discover yours.

“There are so many positive things I could say about my work with Robert Gant, but I think the most meaningful to me was the partnership I felt throughout the process. This time with Robert was not only eye opening, but life changing. I would highly encourage anyone considering working with him to "take action" and make the decision to engage Robert on this journey. You will not regret it, and you simply cannot afford not to — the future you dreamed of is possible!”

Kirk D., MO

“Robert is an amazing coach. Working with him has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself in my life. The personal growth opportunities have been challenging and worth every second. Take the leap and the outcomes will manifest immediately!”

Shane B., IL

“Robert has a beautiful ability to hold space and always made me feel supported, seen, heard, and understood, free of judgement. As a gay man, it was important for me to find a coach who could step into my shoes and understand me. In each session, he brought me back to remembering who I truly am beyond the societal conditioning. He's helped me gain the confidence to thrive in life and in my business, and l'm forever grateful for his coaching and guidance!”

John H., WA

“I've struggled with self-doubt ever since I can remember. And despite having achieved success in many areas of my life, that doubt was ever-present. From decades of first-hand experience as a working professional, Robert's wisdom and perspective were instrumental in identifying those voices and limiting beliefs and helped create a paradigm shift in my perspective. With my walls down, I established a daily routine that supported my spiritual and emotional well-being, actionable steps towards my goals, and an attitude of gratitude for the process itself. I can't recommend working with Robert enough; he'll genuinely change your life.”

Mark G., CA

“I give my highest recommendation to Robert Gant’s excellent one-on-one coaching sessions. I can't recommend his program enough and find it invaluable to my journey. I'm so grateful for his incredibly insightful guidance, wise words, and huge heart. Every session provides unique, inspirational, and targeted counsel for the challenges I face each day. Without Robert's coaching, I know that my life would not be on the upward trajectory that it is now.”

Rob M., IL

“The positive impact that Robert has had on me during a really tough period in my life has been utterly immeasurable. His unique perspective and therapeutic insight truly allowed me to develop a sense of confidence and self-esteem that I never knew I had in relation to my sexuality. He encouraged me to feel comfortable about who I was and to ‘step into’ the next chapter of my life. The personal growth I have experienced since meeting Robert has encouraged me to explore my sexuality and develop really positive relationships. The freedom, comfort, and self-belief I now feel wouldn't have been possible without his guidance and love.”

Sean T., UK

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