The form and nature of our sessions together will vary from person to person. Each of us is in a different place on our respective journeys and looking to accomplish unique goals. As a result, individualized tools, guidance, and motivation will be called for to help you move toward the fulfillment of your dreams.


Our process will include a 60-minute introductory session before which you will receive a questionnaire that will prepare us for our work together. It will target the areas of focus you most want to address and gather details that will help shape our process. In our session, we’ll discuss and address these areas and devise an action plan to move you forward in meaningful ways toward the life you most want to live. This will also allow us to determine the prospect of a further coaching plan, which we can discuss at that time.


Once you’ve booked your session, we will schedule the time that works best.

$200 (One Introductory 60-Minute Online Session)

I look forward to our work together.